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Who we are and why are we doing this. The question that always come up is, "Who are these people and how do they know anything?" We are Nyla and Lorrin Walsh. Married now for 42 years, wow where does that time go? We have owned motorhomes for over 30 years, and trailers before that. For a change of pace we also had several sail boats for 25 years, sailing the waters of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Lorrin worked 38 years for the Navy and also managed to work 7 years part time on board cruise ships with Nyla. As retirement neared Lorrin went to work for GrayLine of Seattle as a Driver Guild and also worked as a driving instructor teaching people to drive motor coaches up to 60’ long.

Nyla worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse, dabbled in the Stained Glass arts, raised two boys and then went to sea, working on cruise ships for 11 years before shifting to land work in Alaska as a Tour Director for Holland America Line.

For each of the past 3 years we have been on the road 6-7 months promoting cruise tours to Alaska and the Yukon for Holland America Line driving one of their 45' Explorer Coaches all over the eastern portion of the United States and Canada.

This year we decided to take the summer off and travel to Alaska and the Yukon on our own. I think some people may call that "retirement", but for us I think it is more of a working vacation. Nyla will be putting together her travel experiences and our trip in a book and Lorrin will be working on a second book on driving.
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