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On the road, heading North We thought that you might like to have a few travel hints and snippets from our trip this summer. We are heading to Alaska. Reminder to self, “the trip is the destination.” Don’t forget to enjoy every day along the way. That sounds good, but so often we get tunnel vision and roll on down the road. Each day is a part of the trip so stop and enjoy the view. We have 4 months, that of course is not enough time to do everything, but, “we can enjoy everything we do.” The first day out, we stayed off the interstate and took a byway. We have lived in Washington all our lives and never taken hwy 9 north, always before we have zoomed up I-5. So in keeping with the thyme, “slow down,” we did!

So hint one: Plan ahead, on longer trips we like to do an inventory of what is in the rig. The best way to do an inventory is to take EVERYTHING out and put back what you need. And then put in the extra items you will need on a longer journey. How often do you think you don’t have something a stick it in only to find after you get started you have two or three of said items. More weight not needed! On the other hand you might think you have something and oops, it is not there when you need it! And yes, you can over pack, you do not need to have 4 months supplies in the rig, a stop a local store can be a part of your trip experience.
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