Monitoring your tires in the digital age

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In this digital age don't get your self rapped up with too much information when monitoring your tires. With the introduction of digital interments the trend is to move to the more accurate gauges. They are great, easy to read and give precise reading and many people say you need to use them to get more accurate readings, but before you start using one you need to think about a few things. Your objective is to keep your tires properly inflated for optimal safety and wear.
Your are not driving a racecar where minute changes are critical for optimal performance. You are driving an RV, which is a dynamic load. The weights and balance are constantly changing. Fuel, water, groceries, and yes, that beautiful rock or piece of drift wood that would go great in the garden.
You should start by weighing each wheel and see what the load is. You may need to adjust things around to even the load and keep it within the limits show on the Manufacturer’s data label, usually found near the drivers door/seat area. . The tire manufacturers also put out tables that give the recommend inflation pressures per the load. This will give you the optimal inflation pressure. If you do not have the manufacturer’s tables, use the maximum inflation pressure molded on the tire sidewall.
As always check the pressure when the tires are cold and use a good quality gauge.
A good indicator of how things are going is to monitor the tire temperature. Some people will tell you that you need an infrared temperature gage to do this. But when you use something that reads that accurate stop and think before you start to make adjustments. Have the warmer tires been in the sun all day? Did the road have grooves warn in it? There are many things that can have an effect on tire temperature. The best tool that I have found to monitor tires during the day is “Your Hand”. When I stop during the day or at the end, I take the back of my hand and feel the sidewall of each tire. You don’t need to know if one tire is 1* warmer than another, just are they all about the same. Generally they will feel warm. If you find one that is hot you had better go back and recheck your pressure when it’s cold. I also rub my hand across the face to check wear and check each hub for temperature.
I have a saying: “The more accurate the interment, the more un-obtainable the goal”. Keep it simple, don’t “Techno” your self to death.

Drive Smart, Drive Safe,

Lorrin Walsh

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