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Nyla's fishing adventure on the Kenai A Big fish story
We dedicated some time to fishing with a little sightseeing thrown in on the Kenai Peninsula. Our son is here for, the sport of fishing, the chance of hooking the “Big One” on the Kenai River, the river of Kings. Joe Connors, Big Sky Charter and Fishcamp, Sterling, AK, set it up for us. We had an incredible time. The camp was right on the Kenai River situated at one of the best fishing holes. They were catching Rainbows, Dolly and Kings off the banks of camp. It was exciting just being there. We could sit on the deck by the river and watch, who would think that fishing could be a spectator sport? We had an all day boat trip planed so went to bed early as we were to be on the river bank at 5:30am ready to push off with Ryan our guide. OK, with that big build up, did we catch anything? You know that they call it fishing not catching? Well this story has a mixed ending. At the end of the day, Wayne had landed 2 nice Rainbows 2 & 5lbs. (took pictures and released them) and had lost a big King. As luck would have it, I got the big fish, a 40 pound 42 inch King, (took the picture and KEPT it), also a rainbow pan size and a Dolly Varden about 3 pounds (took the picture and tossed it back). Now I am not saying that I had the best skills. That fish got into the boat in spite of everything I did wrong. In fact I thought I had hooked the bottom. Now I am here to tell you, I am not the fisher person and I would be willing to bet money I would be the last to catch a fish like that, but I did. Here is the dilemma though, on one hand I wanted to shout and jump up and down for the excitement of it all, but felt restrained because Wayne had not boated his fish. As his mom, I would have given anything to have the story reversed, have Wayne catch the big one, some days are like that. He had other great fishing adventures while he was with us and we did do a flight into Wolverine Creek for some bear watching and sockeye fishing. The fish were not interested in being caught. The bears on the other hand showed up, both Black and Brown Bears, I am glad to say the bears were not biting! We got some good pictures.
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