Enjoying Denali National Park

Nyla\'s Post
Take time and adventure into Denali NP, you won't br sorry Our adventure into Denali National Park, unique in so many ways, with few trails and one road, 90 miles long and the tallest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley at 20,320 ft. You must take time while visiting if you want to have a chance of seeing all that is here. You can’t just drive through take a few pictures and drive out again. As a matter of fact you can’t drive through the park, as most of the park is closed to private car traffic. So how did we get to drive in, you may ask? Plan ahead! That is the key here. You should make reservations months in advance. Check out the National Park website that’s what we did. You get to drive into the campsite and then out at the end of your stay. We stayed 4 nights, (not long enough) 29 miles into the park, at Teklanika River Camp. The park has a wonderful bus system that will get you where you want to go. They are trying to keep vehicle traffic to a minimum for our viewing pleasure and the wildlife’s peace of mind. While on the subject of wildlife, most people come to the park to see grizzly bears, moose and the mountain. Many go away disappointed because their expectations were too high. They are missing the total experience, there is so much more to do and see. First I say, stay awhile, get out of your vehicle and into “their” environment, take in what is around you, slow down, listen, breath in. While we were in the park we saw a good number of animals including the Grand Five moose, grizzly bear, dall sheep, wolf, caribou plus the mountain and bugs, yes, by the way, there are mosquitoes. Please do not worry about them, I know you have heard that they are as big a 747 airliner and they could carry you away, but we only ran into large numbers of them in two places in the park. We were prepared with head nets and repellant, they did not even try to carry us back to their dens for dinner. Even my fear of bears did not keep me from taking hikes along the river and through the woods. When you go remember to take in a few interruptive talks and hikes with the rangers. They will enhance your experience and they are fun too!
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