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Air Brake System Components

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My Travel Blog Many of the RVs sold today have air brakes and for most buyers it is there first exposure to an air brake system. I feel that it is very important to know the basic components in the system and what they do.

Performing an Air Brake test

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My Travel Blog If you own a motorhome with air brakes you should test the system to ensure that everything is working properly. Do you know how?

To turn or Not to turn, that is the question

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My Travel Blog A problem that many people have when they drive a motorhome is to know when it is OK to turn. There are several ways to establish reference mark that can help you determine when you are clear to make that turn. Here are a few hints:

Planning an RV trip to Alaska

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My Travel Blog There are a lot of things to consider when planning a trip to the great lands of the north, Alaska and Yukon Territory. Do you want to drive both ways? Drive one way, ferry the other? Ship your RV?, Fly-drive? Cruise-drive?, Rent?, I could go on and on about the options. The following excerpt from “Rambling by RV Through Alaska and Yukon Territory”, by Nyla Walsh can help you make that discussion.

Using Spot or Convex Mirrors

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My Travel Blog The spot or convex mirror is probably the most under utilized piece of safety equipment that people have on their RVs. Most people do not understand the most effective way to use them.

The Cost of Travel

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My Travel Blog Before you cancel that trip put the cost in prospective.